If an exploration company is granted an exploration licence by the NSW Government the licence will be issued with conditions.


One of those conditions will be that the exploration company must consult with the community about the proposed exploration activity.


NSW Government guidelines for community consultation in relation to exploration activities require there to be “genuine and effective” consultation with the community.[i]


There are no particular requirements to ensure consultations are “genuine and effective”. However the guidelines list the following as potential methods for consultation:

  • community newsletters

  • public meetings

  • emails

  • phone-calls

  • advertising

  • media releases, and

  • notices on shop-front displays.


How Can I Have My Say When Negotiating a Land Access Agreement?


After an exploration licence has been granted but before exploration activity can occur on your land, the exploration company must negotiate a land access agreement with you.


The process of negotiating a land access agreement provides an opportunity to have your say about what, where and when exploration happens on your land.


A land access agreement is a binding contract between you and the exploration company. It must cover certain matters that will determine when, where and how the exploration company will access your land.


It is important that you consider your interests and needs prior to negotiating an access agreement.


For more information on negotiating a land access agreement see the Chapter:

Land Access

Community Consultation Code


Once an Exploration Licence has been granted, the exploration company must consult with the community on its proposed exploration activities.There are no specific consultation methods required, however, the Exploration Code of Practice: Community Consultation requires that a title holder must prepare a community consultation strategy and directs that the degree of consultation should reflect the size of the project.If you are not satisfied with the level of consultation, contact the exploration company and lodge a complaint with the Department of Industry.



[i] Link to Community Consultation Guidelines: