At different stages during the mineral and petroleum planning, exploration and production process you will have the opportunity to have your views on exploration and production proposals in your area or on your land heard and considered by government decision makers. This section details each of the opportunities to have your say at each stage of the process.





















Why should I have my say?

It is important to raise any concerns you have with a proposed mineral or petroleum exploration or production activity over your land or in your local area with the NSW Government and decision-makers.


Your local knowledge is important in the assessment and decision making process and may not be considered if you don’t offer it. 


All submissions on a mineral or petroleum proposal will be consolidated during the assessment process to highlight main issues. If a decision-maker receives submissions which voice the same or similar concerns regarding a proposal the decision maker may place more weight on those concerns.

The developer may be asked to address some of the concerns raised through submissions as part of the assessment process, or in the case of mineral and petroleum development, specific conditions may be imposed on the explorer’s licence to manage those issues.[i]


Tips on writing a submission

Your submission will need to address different issues depending on the stage in the planning, exploration and production process to which the mineral or petroleum proposal has progressed.


General Tips for Writing a Submission
  • Inform yourself of the full details of the proposal;

  • Identify and address the main issues including the matters the decision-maker has to take into account. This will give more weight to your submission .

  • Get as much evidence as you can for the claims you make.

  • Write clearly and objectively and do not be overly emotional. Stick to the facts.  

  • Structure your proposal around the key issues.  

  • Contact the decision-maker after making your submission or sending your letter to check they received it and understand your concerns. You can even request a meeting to talk through your concerns.


Some key mistakes made in submissions

Inclusion of comments on possible future mining or petroleum production, and inclusion of comments on future impacts associated with future mining or coal seam gas production.



[i]  Department of Trade and Investment, Public Comment Process For the exploration of coal and petroleum, including coal seam gas